Breakthrough in revenue

with Droppii online sales platform
  • Currently working with over 65,000 business partners internationally
  • Fulfillment center with a total area of ​​more than 5,000 m2
  • We operate sales optimization technology
  • We help you save on advertising costs

Become Droppii’s product partner


    Difficulty in developing your online sales channel

    • Marketing is costly and requires numerous skills
    • Cost of inventory management, packaging, shipping
    • Need to build a team to operate the online sales channel, take care of customers
    • All the costs incurred above affect the cash flow management of the business, but the investment efficiency may not be as expected

    Advantages of become
    a product partner of Droppii

    Connect with more than 65,000 online sellers globally
    The agents at Droppii are trained in-depth about products and sales, which they use to find and satisfy customers. This is especially beneficial for new products, which may not be well-known.
    Eliminate the problem of fake and counterfeit products. Remove price dumping
    Thanks to the application of the dropshipping model, products are shipped directly from the Droppii warehouse to the customer without going through intermediary distribution channels.
    Save PR/Advertising costs
    Customers are advised by agents who are knowledgeable about the products, from which it is easy to make purchasing decisions and create great trust and loyalty.
    Helping businesses control cash flow
    Quick and flexible financial control policy helps product partners to be proactive about cash flow to reinvest in business.
    Fullfillment center with area up to 5000 m2
    Capable of handling up to 30,000 applications/day. Droppii has a professional storage and packaging process to ensure product quality when it reaches customers.

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