About Droppii

About Droppii

Founded in 2018, Droppii was born in Vietnam with the mission to help people from all walks of life be able to start their own E-commerce business without taking significant risks. Additionally, Droppii aims to bring high-quality products to customers all over the world.

We have attracted more than 65,000 online sellers who have skills and experiences in distributing over 135,000 products per month. With diverse categories including Health, Beauty, Home, and Fashion, Droppii has been providing customers with a comprehensive, easy, and safe shopping experience. We continue to attract the attention of new users as well as expand our product range every day.

Vision and mission

To become the world's leading e-commerce platform for consulting products - a pioneer in creating standards and values for consulting products
To make the world’s fastest growing industry of e-commerce accessible for everyone

Core values

We dare to pioneer into new fields, new markets, and break out of our comfort zone.
We are always ready to support and serve our Business Partners and Product Partners
We conduct thorough research to make sure we love the product and take pride in helping you develop your own business.
We build trust in our relationships with our suppliers, agents, and customers, and their participation in the company's vision and mission.
Droppii's business model is unique, and we are constantly innovating in technology and scale to make online business easier.
Technology and dropshipping make online business simple and easy for everyone including the elderly, teachers, stay-at-home parents, and anyone interested in participating in e-commerce.
Droppii is committed to always communicating the truth and being transparent in our business

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