Selling online
is easier than ever

with Droppii's
Dropshipping model
  • No startup capital
  • No handling or stocking inventory
  • No self-packaging or self-delivery
  • No previous experience needed

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    Difficulties oftraditional online business

    • Lack of experience & knowledge in business
    • Risk of investing capital to import & stock goods
    • No experience in using marketing tools
    • No experience in sourcing quality goods or finding discounts
    • No time to manage business operations such as inventory management, customer service, packaging & shipping, etc.
    Droppii makes it easier for you to start selling online.

    Advantages of Becoming
    an Online Seller with Droppii

    Simple business solutions for everyone
    Dropshipping is a business model that reduces risk for all our sellers. When a customer orders a product, the seller simply places the order on our app. We will deliver it directly to the customer.
    Reduced cost burdens
    Droppii's online sellers don't need to worry about stocking inventory, handling products, or packaging. This eliminates many costs of capital, logistics, and warehousing for our partners.
    Do business anytime, anywhere
    With our Droppii for Business application, online sellers can consult, make orders, and take care of their customers from anywhere. Sellers could easily make sales during lunch, before bed, or while picking up their kids from school.
    Advanced tools & technology
    The Droppii for Business application supports online sellers with management such as product selection, promotion updates, orders, revenue management, and more. This makes selling online more efficient than ever.
    Curated selection of high-quality products
    Droppii has more than 2,000 products covering many categories such as Beauty, Health, Family Appliances, Fashion, etc. These are high-quality products curated over many years to ensure that we provide only the best goods to consumers.
    Training in key sales techniques
    When you become an online seller with Droppii, you will receive training in sales and product knowledge from experienced sellers and suppliers.

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    The Droppii dropshipping model

    Droppii's curated product selection

    We've researched and vetted over 2,800 high-quality products from a wide range of categories for online sellers to choose from.
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